Who Am I

I am founder of Snapick an application which aims to change the way you see photos. I also give my services to MidNode as a R & D Developer. In past I spent amazing time working on two great apps (Pixter & ColorBay) as a Cloud Architect and in-house web developer at MetaRain.

What I do

I spend most of my time in front of a computer programming, gulping coffee, listening to music, socializing, my work varies in various fields but mostly :

  • I write code; Lots of it.
  • I build scalable solutions and help people shape up their startups.
  • I design.
  • I Teach & Learn.

When not working (which is rare), I spend time listening to random music, reading, walking/riding long distances on the ever awesome and surprising Indian roads.

My Story

I started programming very young at age of 13, thanks to the very awesome Scratch Community. I then tried C/C++ but found more interest in the web-stack with intense ranting and help from the StackOverflow JS Chat I am now able to create what I wish with the stack. Recently I started exploring Machine Learning and building apps out of it.